After dropping Ian at the boatyard today, where he was as happy as a pig in mud (his words), I decided to start with planting out some more Broad Beans, the plants now strong and more than ready to go into the raised beds. I am happy to see how lush everything is starting to look and there is good growth too.  The Turmeric plant is doing very well, and the Bitter Gourds are almost ready to be planted out too, must decide though where to put them! Then there are the Oca tubers, they have sprouted, their leaves look like that of a Clover. The Fenugreek, and the Okra (Lady’s fingers) has sprouted also. All very exciting, and so lots happening right now in the garden.  I mulched the Pea plants as they were drying out too fast during the sunny days, we have not had rain for at least twenty days which is unheard of around here.

Today was so lovely and sunny, all doors and windows open, I was thinking, while having a long drink of Fennel tea outside, that I could easily live outside all the time (temperature allowing).  When we were in Portugal last year, even the sink of the chalet where we were staying was outside and I loved that.  There is nothing as nice and relaxing as feeling the warm sunshine on your body.

The Strawberry flowers are coming out already!


Lemon Balm and Comfrey doing great!


Flower patch, and Beans growing well.

DSCF7010   DSCF7002

Part of the garden, and the foliage of the Oca plant.

DSCF7006   DSCF7017

The Bitter Gourd seedling, and the Turmeric plant.




    1. Thank you and yes been busy and been enjoying myself, first and foremost because we have been having sunshine for the whole of April, and no rain, it’s been wonderful and warm, and there has been good growth. 🙂

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  1. So lovely to see your progress. We have had so much rain and although it has not been very cold the temperature keeps dipping at night. My one triumph is that after two and a half years of coaxing the hacked back lilac is now comig into bloom again. If i had such a lovely garden I would want to live outdoors too.

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    1. Thank you very much Angela. I wish for your Lilac tree to flower profusely, I just love the scent and look of the Lilac flowers, such a vintage flower, so lovely.


  2. You have a beautiful garden. Well done! Rains are late here in West Africa. I’m itching to start digging in the soil, but the soil is undiggable at the moment. Thanks for the pics. They are inspiring.

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    1. Thank you for your comment Jeff. I know that wanting to dig feeling! So you are waiting for the rains, and we here are sort of waiting for the rain to stop, well, it has rained now for quite a few days and the soil becomes too soggy. All has become very green and growth has picked up again, but it has been rather cooler the last few days and plants respond very fast to the temperature by slowing down growth.


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