An exciting and busy day today, went to Deelish Garden Centre, bought organic compost to sow more seeds in, as the cheap soil I was using was literally useless, and I lost some seeds as a result. I also bought safe slug pellets, safe for other wildlife! But I got some surprises today, my Oca (Oxalis tuberosa) tuber has sprouted, for me it is a new vegetable, have not tried it before, so it is very exciting, I believe that it is also called New Zealand Yam though in fact it is not a Yam at all. Other good news is that there is another leaf on the White Bitter Gourd, and that the Green Bitter Gourd which is supposed to be of more worth medicinally is also sprouting. I put down seeds of many other sort, such as Okra, Fenugreek, Cucumber, Courgettes (little round ones), Yellow Cucumber, some French Beans, some Parsley, some Camomile. I am most excited about the Okra as I used to eat this vegetable in India and in Mauritius, and though you have to know how to cook it in order for it to be tasty, I got used to it, it is valuable for health. It gets a bit slimy if you cook it wrong.  And the Yacon root is up too, I planted two but one rotted, the other one has started to make long white roots, I hope that this vegetable will also grow as it is another new one for me.  It is a Peruvian ground apple, sweet apparently, I found loads of information on Wikipedia for both Yacon and Oca tubers.     http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Yac%C3%B3n     http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Oxalis_tuberosa

Below; the Oca, This plant was cultivated for its tubers, which are then used as a root vegetable, first found in central and south Andes but brought to Europe during the 19th century.  I learnt that the roots contain Vitamin A, Potassium, Vitamin B6, and small amounts of fibre, well that’s good.

My little Tomato seedlings are now doing very well and growing rapidly.


This is the seedling of the White Bitter Gourd, and since this morning the secondary leaf has grown and opened up!


The Turmeric plant doing fine and better everyday, so happy, must start off some more as I use it in cooking everyday.

DSCF6876   DSCF6868

The Green Bitter Gourd is only sprouting, needs tender loving care and good warmth.


I have some seedlings that I cannot remember what they are, can’t believe that this happened to me this year, but it did, so now when the secondary leaves really start to show I can start guessing.

DSCF6879  DSCF6869

DSCF6878  DSCF6863



  1. Oh, the joys of things starting to sprout!

    I was interested in your comment about the goodness in okra. What makes it so good? (I love it, too!)

    I think you can eat oca leaves – they taste lemony, I seem to remember.

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    1. Okra is healthy apparently, for me it is more to do with memories of being in India and in Mauritius and eating this vegetable.


      1. I’m finally getting back to you Helen. I used to go to the South of India and volunteered in an orphanage during the winter months, I also stayed in an Ashram and I also visited some of the Tribal people of Kerala and have good friends there, they have all been very valuable experiences in my life. Mauritius I went there to visit a good friend of mine and meet his family, it was really a great experience too, we visited the whole island, I was introduced to the local foods, local customs, and people, it was lovely too. I love travelling Helen.


    1. Hi and thank you Pam, actually yes I pace myself, it’s a case of ‘have to’ and my partner does the same 🙂


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