This morning, heavy grey sky after a night of strong gusts of wind, I wandered around the garden and discovered some gems, some most forgotten plants about to flower, and some others really starting to thrive.
I discovered that the forgotten Quince shrub at the bottom of the garden, among debris, is in bud, I am very happy about this and plan to give attention to this shrub, it was grown originally after we discovered it as a young seedling, growing from a Quince apple in a plastic bag hanging from a nail in the shed. It was hung there after we brought it home from a visit to a friend in Belgium who brought the Quince apple with him from the Mediterranean. Anyway, it grew into a fine shrub but it got forgotten and almost disappeared over the next 25 years, and here I found it again!
These the buds of the Quince (Chaenomeles speciosa) shrub.  Looking forward to the flowers.


And these are the flowers of the Lunaria annua or Honesty plant. I was given some plants the other day and love the colour of the flowers, looking forward to lots of it’s colour this summer, and seed heads in the autumn.


The Rosemary and Borage plants are in flower too.

DSCF6844     DSCF6841

And this little Herb Robin of which there are plants springing up all over the garden is so dainty.

DSCF6850  DSCF6849

I just learnt the real use of Cleavers which grow very easy, they are very useful to make tea from, as are the Lemon Balm of which there are several plants now full of new growth, we won’t be short of herbal teas this year it seems!

DSCF6828    DSCF6827

This new shoot is the Lavas plant, I use it in soups, it has got a celery taste.  And I am also amazed at the flowering buds of the red Currant bush, yummy!

DSCF6825   DSCF6820

My Tansy plant is growing well to my delight, I love it’s yellow bud-like flowers which later in the year I like to pick and bring indoors for decoration.   Young Nasturtium plants just planted out yesterday.

DSCF6824   DSCF6842

And finally I’d like to share a pic of my Turmeric plant, it is growing slowly and with much care I hope to have a harvest maybe in a year’s time or so.    The tree rings on this trunk of the Chestnut tree branch that Ian took down to give more light into the garden.

DSCF6801   DSCF6826

This Rose-hip is now finally red and big, I have been watching it since last autumn and it was so slow to ripen, unbelievable.

It was a good morning of scrutinising the growth in the garden, something that is valuable to do now and then, not only to discover gems, but also to be able to manage the garden properly and to have a good oversight of what is growing and what needs to be planned for the future.



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