After a somewhat cold moonlit night, what a glorious day it was today, blue sky and warm sunshine all the way. The temperature in the cold frame was 20 Celsius at some point in the afternoon. I put more seedlings into the cold frame as well as beer for the slugs as there are a myriad of them already.

The Horse Chestnut is bursting it’s buds and delicate beautiful foliage is coming visible. The strawberries have really shot up with green tender new leaves. And best of all, my Turmeric plant is now shooting rapidly. I had to put it above the stove on the mantelpiece in order for it to be warm enough, and it did the trick. I am amazed at the feathery young shoot, it’s so delicate and beautiful especially under a magnifying glass, I don’t think that my photo does it justice!

I also sowed some more vegetables, and some flowers, and made notes on them.  Not a bad day’s work on Good Friday, in between I listened to my favourite, the St.Matthaus passion, something I do every Easter time.  As a Bach lover I have heard and listened to this fantastic piece of music so many times and it still totally transports me somewhere totally not on this earth, and yet very much on this earth.  I feel all the suffering of all humankind on this day, I think that it is a day to ponder on this and to feel compassion as well as abhorrence of where it all went so wrong.  At the same time Easter comes so close upon this day with the promise of new and better.  Anyway that’s just the way I feel.  Easter fills me with renewed energy and happiness.


DSCF6451    DSCF6447

Last night the moon was shining through the sky-light and of course I had to get up to make some photos, can never pass that by.  I noticed Jupiter and got out the tri-pod in order to get a good shot of it, I know from experience that it is easy to  get Jupiter’s moons in, and sure enough when I enlarged the photo I could see Io, Ganymede, Europa, and further along was Callisto, a clear view.



    1. Thank you for your generous comment James, the beauty often lies in the detail I think, and looking at the minute details you can often recognise the universe 🙂

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  1. Beautiful, Agnes. My turmeric is at the nub stage. Ginger a fail. I celebrate this weekend in a similar fashion. Easter morning always fills me with gratitude and hope. Happy Easter to you and yours.

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