“Give me odorous at sunrise a garden of beautiful flowers where I can walk undisturbed”. Walt Whitman
Tulips heralding an early spring time?

  I I never particularly loved Tulips when I was younger, but lately I’ve grown very found of them, and last year I grew some, and was also given some bunches of them which brought me much delight.  As they were sitting in their vase on the table, after a day or two their flower heads would open and come hanging down very gracefully, almost reaching the table cloth, a beautiful sight.  This year also I will be looking forward to have some in the house.  Growing them is quite easy but I still have trouble storing and keeping the bulbs from going mouldy or rotting on me during the winter.  The shops here are full of them any season of the year but especially coming up now in another while.  It is said that flowers feed the soul, and I have no difficulty in believing this.  The delight they give is surely wonderful.

5 thoughts on “THE BEAUTY OF TULIPS

  1. Beautiful photos. We live near the beach on sandy soil and it is also too warm to grow tulips, I suspect. When we first moved into our house, I did a lot of very enthusiastic gardening and dug a huge hole lined it with newspaper and added good soil and compost and planted bulbs. They were beautiful but these days I go for Australian natives which are more water resistant and tolerate neglect. That said, I’ve planted pansies and sweet peas. We’re in autumn here in Australia.

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    1. I understand your wish to grow foreign plants as I have the same, here I am trying to grow Turmeric and various more exotic plants, and they don’t do so very well here, but I keep trying as it is interesting to see what will happen. I’ve now got seed from India, Bitter Gourd, hoping to grow and use for cooking! Australian native plants must be interesting!

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      1. West Australia has the mot amazing wildflowers and floral carpets and the diversity is pretty amazing too. What also amazes me, is that you have all these stunning flowers growing in really poor soils where you’d doubt anything could grow. I have always loved the golden wattle. It really is beautiful.

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      2. Great to hear about your floral carpets, personally I love nothing better than a beautiful meadow full of lovely wild flowers. Here the soil is poor enough and full of stones, but on the whole it is ok, and the grass gets very green here from the rains.


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