Today, my partner Ian, finished setting up the mini greenhouse. It was a glorious, even a warm day here in West Cork, so between himself and Ruben, my grandson, they set it up, and it’s all done now. The strawberry plants are already on that raised bed and so they can start to really pick up. The Borage at the side was not damaged or affected and I will let that grow there for the bees and other delightful pollinators.
We have two more mini greenhouses to set up over some of the other raised beds. It will extend our growing season I think. I have young salad plants ready to plant out in one of those greenhouses, and there are other seeds on the go. If it gets really warmer later in the summer we can just peel them back, lift them off and let the garden get on with growing things.

Lots to learn of course as I have never grown anything in a greenhouse before.

And a closer look.


Daffodils are really opening up now in the garden, birds are singing, and all over there is a real spring feeling.


4 thoughts on “MINI GREENHOUSE IS UP

  1. I too am at the experimental stage, not having grown anything in a greenhouse before. Anyway, it will be interesting to see how much extra you can grow because of your mini greenhouses!

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