A day that started with bright sunshine, after a frosty night.  Drops hanging from Grape Hyacinth, creating lovely crystal clear little globes, reflecting all around.

A great day to start some work in the garden. Taking out the Ranunculi as they can’t be eaten, and some other small ‘weeds’, making all ready for the plants that are now only little seedlings, but growing rapidly inside the house.  According to the idea of permaculture one has to ‘observe’ the garden, the land, this is of course a delight on a day like today,  I saw that the Tansy plant is coming up nicely, and there are some fresh tender Nettles, and also the Marigolds that I sowed outside last month are sprouting.

The other day we bought some cold frames locally and I figured out how to fit them together, that is the frame so far, fitting the plastic is for tomorrow.  I planted out some Feverfew plants that were looking really great, some of these are for sharing out, some I will keep as this lovely plant blooms, with daisy-like flowers, all summer long.   Two different types of Kale, and Coriander seeds are up, I’m very happy about the Coriander seeds as I use a lot of that in cooking and love the taste, I hope to grow quite a few plants.

DSCF5953    DSCF5951

DSCF5947     DSCF5949

DSCF5950    DSCF5941

DSCF5940     DSCF5945


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