Today was a real garden day, the first real warm sunshine, and towards the middle of the day it was just lovely to be outside. Work had to be done, twigs had to be shredded, and other winter things cleared away. My grandson, partner and I even sat on the garden seat drinking a cup of tea while taking a rest from the work. I could not resist going around observing and taking photos of what is happening at this time, and there is lots to be seen, shoots of the soft fruit coming up, small flowers opening, and young salad leaves coming up, all exciting and lovely.

The Borage is already nearly in full bloom, the bees will be happy when they come out!


Lungwort Pulmonaria Officinalis is a lovely plant, I treasure the one I have in the garden and hope to grow more.


Last year’s English Marigolds are coming into bloom again brightening up the garden so much.


Fumitory on the wall, a little herb that is supposed to be a good little liver plant, must double check that though.


Daisies are to be found flowering in heaps right now, as are Dandelions, a great sign of spring.

DSCF5830    DSCF5811

Salad leaves sowed outside last autumn, and doing well.  And Wild Garlic a whole bed full of it!


These Grape Hyacinths are starting to flower in a window box, love these little things, they add a touch of colour and they have a nice subtle scent.


  1. Gorgeous colour! Thank you so much for sharing. It has been cool and raining over here but I couldn’t help myself. I went for a long walk in the drizzle and I am so glad I did. It was like walking into birdsong. There were sweet songs coming from everywhere.

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  2. How nice to see all that colour. How I love spring! After yesterday’s snow (now nearly all gone) I surprised myself by spending an hour clearing weeds from the flower bed. So good to get close to the soil again.

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  3. I loved reading this and looking at your pictures. It really got me excited …those early days discovering everything coming back again! Beautiful, Agnes! I’ve never grown lungwort but it sure looks interesting

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  4. Wow – didn’t realise borage would flower so early. I’ve got a packet of seeds to plant – does that mean I will have to wait till next spring for the first flowers to appear?


    1. Hi, and thank you for stopping by, yes we are learning all the time. My salad leaves are up but they are not ready by any means. I am experimenting all the time.


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