And this morning it happened, my daughter gave birth to her fifth child. After a long night of labour a beautiful little girl was born. Willow will be her name. They are both doing well and one by one the other children are being introduced to this little one. Tomorrow I will see my new grandchild and I am surely looking forward to that. My blog will have to take second place for a while as I will be on granny duty 🙂
What a nice way to start a new season, spring time when everything is renewed is an ideal time to be born, having everything to look forward to, the lovely scent of flowers, the sprouting and growth of new vegetables in the garden, the trees getting their fresh green summer foliage, birds singing early in the morning, sun shining till after six o’clock before it goes down and takes the light with it.
It sure is a good day today.


      1. Yes, that would be lovely. Willow trees are also very flexible and that is always a helpful quality too.


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