I thought today was a good day to check the readings of my soil in the raised beds. And I don’t think that the readings are too bad for February. Since it has not rained all week, it appears that the soil is only just on the moist side, between 7 & 6 which is not bad.  I was very surprised that the soil temperature is 12degrees Celsius, this should almost be good enough for planting some of the hardier seeds like broad beans.
DSCF5689   DSCF5691

I’m also quite happy with the readings of  light (around the 1000 mark), the bed where it took the light reading is one of the lighter beds, I had better check the other beds too in order to see where I plant what.  Then the PH of the soil is pretty good too, on the alkaline side (just between 7 and 8).  I find it very helpful to have these gadgets to be able to take readings, keeps you well informed.

DSCF5692   DSCF5693

Then the seedling which are only sprouting now, sowed them about a week ago, I moved them to the window sill, they are so far only Sweet Peas (for the scent), and there is also a Ginger and an Artichoke starting off.  The little seedling is suffering from not getting enough light but I hope that will rectify itself now that I moved them.

DSCF5697  DSCF5695  DSCF5700

The Ginger popping up, but being very slow about it.  And one of the Sweet Pea seedlings.

DSCF5699   DSCF5698

9 thoughts on “CHECKING THE SOIL

  1. You’re very organised! I was doing some weeding today and found a lump of hard stuff in a pot – couldn’t work out what it was until I realised it was frozen soil. That tells me I need to wait a bit before I try sowing seeds. Good luck with your seedlings.

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    1. I can imagine that must have been a surprise to you. Hope your weather improves soon, as it is so exciting to get going 🙂


    1. Yes I just read about that so am trying it out. Now tonight I have put fleece over the pots as when the curtain is drawn it gets to cold still for the seedlings.


  2. So jealous. Your photos of dirt are making my hands itch to be immersed in it. I can’t even see my soil under the layers of snow here in Ontario, Canada. It won’t be another month or so before I can even begin to think of dirt. I am starting on my garden planning (which I am blogging about in a series) but sadly it will be a while yet until I can once again enjoy the outdoors. I wish I had gotten around the building a greenhouse last year. Enjoy your dirt!

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    1. I’m glad you are enjoying the look of the soil, I love it too very much. Though I have been inside all day with a dreaded cold/flu I still cannot wait to get started. I did do some indoor gardening the other day, but I have not got a greenhouse yet either – one day perhaps. 🙂 Thanks for your comment, great!

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