A brilliant rainbow in the valley of Glengarriff, a beautiful village in West Cork. It was such a bright rainbow that I could not resist taking a photo, not that I normally chase rainbows 🙂



Evening over the hill at lough Ine, situated between Skibbereen and Baltimore, West Cork


A quarry just outside the town of Skibbereen.  As I take an interest in rocks and minerals I have always wanted to take a photo of this quarry, it is my guess that slate and shale is or was quarried here in the past, or maybe still these days, as these are rocks that are found around here, and they would be used commercially.

8 thoughts on “INBETWEEN PHOTOS

    1. Thank you, yes the other night there was such a lovely colourful halo around the moon, it was late and I did not have the energy to set up my tripod to take a photo, a pity, it was beautiful!

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  1. That certainly is a beautiful rainbow, so bright. All the pictures are wonderful, and I think the shot of the moon could inspire some great suspense novels. Have a great day.

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  2. I am glad you chased this rainbow at least. What a great job you did capturing those elusive rainbow colors. All the pictures are really good but I like the quarry one, it’s has a subtle play of light and shadow that really appeals to me.

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