The big city to the east of where I live is called Corcaigh (in Irish) or Cork, it’s a city with a population of roughly about 120,000. It’s a beautiful city too, with an interesting history. Some of the original wall of the city can be seen at the Peace Park. Originally a monastic settlement, it then got discovered and became an important trading town of the Vikings who were also settling at other ports along the coast of Ireland. But I don’t know very much about the history of Cork, and of course there is a lot more to say about it, some day I would like to explore that properly and take many photos, but right now, I just enjoy it when I go there, which is not often. I took these photos today as I found the sight so lovely. Cork was built on the river Lee which divides into two channels making it that the centre of the town is like an island so to say.  So this is the river Lee.

20150203_102150   20150203_082413

One the way up to the city we had some snow, it was early in the morning, and then I saw this lovely large orange ball coming up over the horizon and it was the sun!  Glorious morning though cold.  Cork can be a few degrees colder than it is in West Cork. (due to the gulf stream which brings with it warmer air).


The old disused railway viaduct in a light dusting of snow.

8 thoughts on “THE BIG CITY TO THE EAST

  1. I love traveling in Europe…mainly because no one is ever afraid of building next to a river. I love the channels and canals. We see very few of them here in the US. Flooding is always a danger and the people would never park their cars so close to a river.

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    1. Yes I think towns and cities on rivers are usually very beautiful, and of course the rivers used to be used very much for transporting goods. Cork is also lying on /near the Irish sea. Cork was flooded very badly some years ago, very much damage was done – that is the down-side.

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    1. Yes that is true, though more modern buildings are being put up in the centre now too (I have not made any photos of them yet) If we look up in the city, we can see quite a bit of lovely old time architecture.


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