My four year old grandson who has DS has a great talent for beautiful painting, he does this mainly at playschool and enjoys it a lot. The other day he brought some home with him when I collected him, and I was so impressed that I decided to take photos of them, to keep a record, and I thought they would look nice in a frame, so that done I wanted to share them on my blog, because my grandson has figured in my blog before, during the growing season he likes to help me in the garden, he even grew radishes last summer, putting in the seeds himself, watering them, and then harvesting lovely big produce. I’m real proud of him.

Please do not copy as they are not my own work, and don’t belong to me.

DSCF5567     DSCF5566

DSCF5568     DSCF5564


10 thoughts on “PAINTINGS IN FRAMES

  1. I think your grandson should definitely be gently encouraged to pursue his artistic nature. I think he shows tremendous potential, and if art is something he enjoys, I don’t think it’s all that unlikely that a day could arrive when others might also enjoy his art. I know that I enjoyed a couple of these pieces already.

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  2. Truly beautiful – I love kids paintings and they get so into it. My three and a half year old daughter loves nothing more than messing with paint and she sees all kinds of wonderful things in her creations. Their imaginations just run free.

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