Great activity going on in the garden today, perfect for a sunny Sunday, and the first day of spring in Ireland. The temperature was 8 degrees Celsius in the shade and went up to 15 degrees in the sun, lovely and warm. I had a raised bed to prepare, and according to the rules of permaculture that I am learning about, I do not disturb the soil. So I only pulled up some tough grass that came growing there during the winter. Then I distributed some of the seeds I had been saving, Plantain, Evening Primrose, Yarrow and some others. I found young plants growing there such as Tansy, Nettle, Lemon Balm, Goose grass, Dandelion, and some Oregano that I planted last autumn. When I had everything recorded I mulched just a little leaf matter to protect the seeds, and added some Epson salts (I read this is good to help with germination). I am trying to copy what nature does anyway with overwintering seeds of wild plants (and they grow so wonderfully in spring without our help).  This raised bed is my ‘experimenting’ bed and I will keep a close eye on what happens in the next few weeks.

Experimental bed set with seeds 1/2/15

The raised bed now ready to be left alone for some time, and to be watched to see what happens.

1st of February 2015      Nettle     Tansy

Young Nettles and Tansy plants that came growing here by themselves.

Lemon Balm   Oregano  DSCF5599

Lemon Balm, and two types of Oregano

DSCF5606   Young Parsley plant window sill over winter   Dill or Fennel?

Dandelion, Parsley, and either Dill or Fennel, not sure, will find out.  All these overwintered.

DSCF5615DSCF5611   Young Poppy plants overwinter

I also re-potted some house plants, I like especially the Peace Lily as it is a plant that is said to purify the inside air from electro magnetic pollution.  The Aloe Vera also got too big for its pot.  And lastly two young Poppy plants that seeded themselves over the winter.  A good start to spring, very appreciative indeed.


  1. I might look into Peace Lily – good plan to have a plant to purify the air. That said, I have a notion that I’ve read somewhere that plants in general purify the air of toxic gases created from off-gassing.

    I will be interested to see how your raised bed fares 🙂

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  2. It certainly does look like you are off to a good start, and just as important, it looks like the winter period of inactivity (or lessened activity) is rapidly coming to an end. 🙂

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    1. Yes and energy is being transformed from the house to the garden once again. And so much to do still inside too, but hey, that’s life!


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