Tomorrow the official spring time is starting for Ireland, it is also the celebration of St.Brigid and a traditional St.Brigid cross is woven out of reeds. I did not make one this year as I did not get it together to go and search for reeds. A day or two ago (I was without internet) there was a big hail shower, it has been the closest we got to snow-like appearance this past winter, a few quick photos to mark the occasion.



  1. What do you do with the reed crosses? And do you know why Feb 1st was chosen as the first day of spring?

    It’s certainly not spring-like here – brr….

    Happy Spring to you, anyway😊.


    1. Hi Helen, people hang these crosses in their houses, or used to, it used to be seen in every single house. I will dig out some more info asap about it, I used to give workshops while working at the library, but now retired and young people do it now 🙂
      Last night it froze, but today the sun was out and it was 15 degrees Celsius in the sun! Only 8 in the shade which is still good enough. As far as I know the 1st of February is the agricultural spring time, but taken as the official date, it is probably when the farmers used to start with their preparations, I will look up further as it is a good question.


      1. Well, Feb 1st seems a good time to think about growing things again. Glad that it’s been warm for you. Nippy here but at least it was sunny.

        Anyway, thanks for the info on the crosses. Nice to know about traditions in different places 🙂

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