Today I was sorting through all last summers harvested seeds, and check when I should start sowing. My hands are itchy, and I have already put down some seeds of sweet peas which are such a delightful scented flower that I grow it among my vegetables just for the scent. While I was working at the table overlooking the garden, two doves, those that frequent our bird table daily, were letting nature get the better of themselves, but I did not see the male’s mating ritual of a vertical flight, with long circular flight down while holding it’s wings below it’s body in a Vshape. They then started to prune each other and themselves, they sat there for over an hour just close together, maybe soon they will be building their nest. I learnt today that they typically nest close to human habitation, as long as there is plenty of food available. The female will lay two white eggs. It is said that they remain loyal to their mates. We have six of these guys around the place and they are lovely.

DSCF5550     DSCF5547

Also today our little Wren which delighted me as I love it’s song.  And another great Tit visiting the bird table.

DSCF5561   DSCF5557

Sorting through the seeds and making notes, and a variety of containers where I keep my seeds.  Last year I saved some seeds of wild herbal plants such as Plantain, Hypericum, Yarrow, Evening Primrose etc. soon they can be sown as in nature they are also in the ground during the winter.  Exciting.  Can’t wait to see everything get started.


    1. It’s lovely and funny too isn’t it, and Valentine’s coming up soon. I love the way they look at each other.


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