Today was a lovely spring-like day, sunshine and about 6 degrees Celsius. I found daffodils up and budding to flower, also crocuses, primroses, and the borage, lemon balm and comfrey plants are sprouting and showing young new fresh green shoots – lovely. I did some mulching, and my partner started to take down a branch of the chestnut tree. I am also starting a few seeds inside, at this time it will just be sweet peas, but soon vegetables will follow. Then I picked some more produce from the garden to cook dinner. All in all it was a lovely day with a definite ‘spring’ feeling about it, putting a big smile on our faces.

DSCF5495     DSCF5482

DSCF5492    DSCF5507      DSCF5483

DSCF5516      DSCF5515


  1. Excellent! Little green sprouts get me all a twitter. The chestnut was blocking too much sun I assume?

    I was, not an hour ago, 40′ up in the pepper tree that borders my yard. With a small hand saw and reckless determination, I removed a number of branches that hung above my compost bins. Can’t have that getting into the mix!

    The branches were stripped down and will be used as a giant teepee for this year’s butternut and acorn squash. It looks very rustic and natural so far. Nothing goes to waste!

    Thanks for sharing!

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    1. Yes good guess James, the chestnut tree does block the sun too much. Great idea for the branches, will have a look at that tomorrow, we were just going to make kindle wood out of them, but I like the idea of using them for the beans. 🙂

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  2. That is one hefty branch your partner decided to tackle, and I loved the fact that you and I were both photographing the same flower at just about the same time. It would seem our climates really are quite in sync in these two parts of the world, though I still think yours warms somewhat sooner than ours (although we had no snow this year, and now it’s very unlikely we will). Your photographs were excellent once again.

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    1. Tanking you. Yes the branch was large, I was a little worried but it went like a piece of cake! 🙂 Primroses are so lovely and a real good spring flower. As we speak it went very cold here earlier and will be tonight, just very unpredictable at the moment. Enjoy your early spring times.


    1. Thank you Cynthia. I was without internet for some days, back on now. 3 more months is a lot, yes we do have a very wet climate but it does have it’s advantages too 🙂

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