I thought it a good idea to just flood today’s blog entry with brightly coloured Hydrangeas. The weather is dismal, and I am so fighting a chest infection, without much success, that I just want to share beautiful flowers, it’s uplifting.
So I wish that everyone else enjoy them too. Hydrangeas are a lovely shrub that is more and more being used in Ireland as a road side plant, this is good or at least it is very beautiful, and in urban areas this can make a lot of difference to the landscape and the beauty of the area. The colours are amazing, from deep blue to deep red, or some pastel colours too. Flowering all summer and well into autumn.




25 thoughts on “HYDRANGEAS FEAST

  1. So lovely, thank you. My grandmother grew them and had two great bushes in front of her house. They always remind me of her. They were my first lesson in plant science too, the color is dependent on the soil Ph. Do hope you feel well soon.

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  2. These are among my favorite flowers and yours are lovely-the colors are so rich! Most everyone here tries for the blues and purples-you do not see many in the pink family, though I have a red one that is still small, but hopefully blooms will appear in the next year-

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  3. Best of health to you, and when you’re feeling better, I may have some questions about the remedies (preferably less toxic than the chemicals I get around here). But after you get better. The photos are beautiful.

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  4. Beautiful! Our one hydrangea plant did terribly last summer. We’re in a new home, in a new climate, and new to hydrangeas, so I have no idea what we did wrong. Those pictures are such a contrast with what ours looked like… Maybe if I stare at yours long enough, their vitality will transfer to mine!

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    1. Thank you Hope, these are actually Hydrangeas along the main road at a seaside place. I have tree small Hydrangeas and one large one in my garden. The large one is white and I grew it from a cutting, the others are pink, deep blue and light blue, these are bought and seem harder to grow. Here it rains a lot so I think they do well with regular watering, they love the open soil too. Best of luck, oh and I prune them every year.


      1. The pruning I was unsure about. The previous owners had cropped ours nearly to the ground. We wondered if maybe they overdid it. This year we didn’t prune at all. I read that some hydrangeas flower from second-year canes, but we have no idea what kind we have. But figuring it out is all part of the fun!

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    1. Oeps, I lost your comment there for a moment, got it back though thankfully. And thank you for your comment Helen, yes flowers always lift you up don’t they. Take care.

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      1. I have to admit that I am lagging a little behind with some of the technology, though I would like to update. It’s important to stay on top of technology to a certain extend.


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