Intentional and unintentional growth in my kitchen this late winter. I cut a turnip for soup the other day and left the other half on the worktop, a day or so later the turnip had sprouted beautifully and I found it a pity to cut it up, so let me just enjoy the freshness of the foliage.
But intentional are the other sprouts, they are ginger and turmeric and they are sprouted every year again in my kitchen. Some years ago they had grown into large plants but when I went travelling I gave them away. It is great to see these shoots coming up, and this year I am looking forward to harvest some of the ginger and turmeric, though I think that to have a good crop you need to wait for longer than a year. I usually let them sprout before I pot them off, seems to work better.


Turmeric shoot


Ginger shoot with and without soil

9 thoughts on “NEW LIFE IN MY KITCHEN

  1. I see that someone has a splendid green thumb, not to mention a wonderful photographic eye. The only thing I ever grew like that was the top of a pineapple, and the darn leaves were so stiff and sharp that my ex-wife made me get rid of it before one of my nieces or nephews fell it and got impaled. I don’t suppose it could actually happen, but I wasn’t about to take a chance. 😦

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    1. Thanks David, yes better be safe than sorry. I once found a vegetable in the supermarket that I did not know, it turned out to be a Caro tuber, I thought it too good to cook and eat, too exciting to see what it would grow into. It became a very large plant, it died while I was in India for some months, my daughter tried to look after it but I guess she did not have much time. It is so exciting to just pick a vegetable (root or tuber) and grow it, see what happens 🙂


  2. You shared! Just like you said you would 🙂

    In the states, many of our grocery store tubers are so mutated that you can no longer Sprout them in water. It’s truly a sad distopian state of affairs these days. The tides are turning though! Thanks to folk like you and I who know what’s right and healthy and are sharing our views.

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    1. Yes I sometimes read about the way things are in the states, worrying. I get my tubers from an organic farm so they sprout readily. Yes James I was going to mention you in my post and when it was all up I noticed that I had not done so.
      Have a nice day/night 🙂

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  3. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t Helen, I have had that too, the temperature seems to have a lot to do with it, but also the type of ginger you get, some of the ginger is sterile I think and won’t sprout at all. I usually wait till they start spouting in my kitchen as I always have ginger lying around beside the cooker.


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