Every winter it’s bird feeding time, but especially when it gets very cold, and the months early in the year when a lot of the berries have been eaten, and food might be scarce. So it is an every morning pleasant shore to put seeds out for a variety of birds. New this year are several Great Tits, they mainly feed from the peanut feeder. We also have Blue Tits and sometimes have seen a Coal Tit. Robins at the last count was only two, it seems they might be a pair. First birds on the bird table are mostly the Collared Doves, we have up to six of them. Then come the Rooks, the Jackdows, The Hooded Crows, and the Starlings, last year there were very many Starlings, but this year so far I have only counted one! Sparrows and Dunnocks are also plentiful, and a variety of finches of course. I sometimes see a little Wren and it makes my day as they sing so beautifully and we hope that they will nest in the hedgerows. We don’t have pets like cats or dogs, but the wild birds are taken very seriously and enjoyed greatly.

DSCF5132      DSCF4174


DSCF5403     DSCF4509



  1. Lovely. How often do you refill the feeders? We have voracious squirrels that eat most, blue jays, chickadees, and a red cardinal. I only see them on the weekends, generally due to work, lovely to see your pictures.

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    1. I have to refill them only about once a week. But at the bird table I have to do it every morning as everything (seeds) gets eaten right away. I love the red cardinal, and the blue jays, we don’t have them here though, but I am not familiar with the chickadees.


  2. That’s a lovely assortment of birds you have. Except for sparrows, which we have here year-round, it’s pretty much all seagulls, crows, geese, and on very rare occasions (like yesterday) a person might get lucky enough to spot a bald eagle. Even then, the eagle was flying so high, if it wasn’t for his distinctive soaring patterns, and the sheer altitude of his flight, most people wouldn’t have been able to recognize what he was. There was actually two of them that I spotted, but they were spread far enough apart that I could only capture one in any single frame, and even trying to blow up that section of the frame, the best I could manage was a pretty hazy picture. Your shots, on the other hand, are so nice and clear that they are a delight to behold and have left me growing eager for springtime to arrive, and the birds with it. But I certainly do thank you for the preview of things to come.

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