Just today I have started an on-line course in permaculture, got the information in my email and thought I would try it out. Well I was so impressed after watching the first lecture that I am already looking forward to tomorrow when I will listen to lecture 02. The course is free and the link is:


I went for a stroll through my garden today, it was lovely and sunny, I needed to check what is going on, and I see that there are quite a few plants doing very well.  The leeks growing together with the feverfew, growing right through the winter months.


Here a thyme plant that had a Foxglove plant growing beside it, I will move that one in the flower section as it becomes very large.

DSCF5423      DSCF5431

Garlic is coming up well, and beetroot still need to be harvested and used.

DSCF5420    DSCF5421

And more work in this patch, deciding what to grow where.  The Borage plants are strong already, the flowers will be good to attract bees into the garden.


    1. Borage is lovely and attracts bees and other flying creatures 🙂 the flowers are edible, the leaves are prickly. The plant can become very large. I think it’s a lovely plant with pretty flowers. If you were living close enough I could give you plenty of Borage plants.


  1. Ah, good thinking! Let me see…. about one meter high and half a meter across, but that is in my garden, perhaps in larger gardens, or under better conditions the plant may grow bigger. I think the plant can be kept as small as you want, and it can be kept from growing too large for a smaller space. Hope that helps.


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