Our journey to County Wicklow during the week was initially almost called off due to a promise of snow and stormy weather, however, at the last minute we decided to go. It was well worth it, a most beautiful area to visit, though disappointed that there are no snow except on the mountain tops. We attended a wedding in Manor House hotel. One of the features of these old houses are the ancient trees on the land, and I had to opportunity to take a walk and photograph some of them. Among the native trees there were the large and ancient Oaks, tall and beautiful Beeches, and many other trees. So very impressive and beautiful. And among the trees brightly Wild Garlic is growing, also coming up were Daffodils. On one of the trees I found a large fungus. I was able to identify those trees by the leaves found underneath, or in the case of the Beeches, the nut cases that were still plentiful on the tree branches.
Though I was looking forward to taking photos of snow, we only saw snow on the tops of the mountains, it was still very beautiful.

A large branch of the ancient Oak tree hangs low and heavy and supports all the thinner branches that reach the ground.

DSCF5356    DSCF5365

Ivy climbs up some of the trunks and branches, as do lichens, and mosses.

DSCF5358     DSCF5366

Wild Garlic (I smelled it)  and young Daffodils among the leaf litter underneath the trees.


I thought that these tree trunks looked affectionate together.

DSCF5363    DSCF5375

Oak leaf


One of the magnificent Oaks.  Thank you owners of these large estates many years ago for planting these wonderful trees so that we can enjoy them now.  Food for thought and encouragement for us to plant trees also for the enjoyment of generations to come.


  1. Lovely photos. The wild garlic is well ahead of ours here in the west – just spotted some today with just the very tips of the leaves poking through:)


  2. Absolutely beautiful pictures, especially the old trees, which are utterly magnificent. There just isn’t anything that matches an old oak in my book, they radiate power, and quiet strength, and yet they do it with the grace of a feather. Your photographs were outstanding, I had to check each one out full-size just so I could really enjoy the texture of that bark, and it was well worth it. You may not of gotten any snow, but the day sure looks like it was lovely. Thanks for the wonderful experience.

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