First walk around the town for a long time, the ring road is quite a lovely walk with lots of shrubs and the river Ilen, making it interesting. Normally it would only take about 15minutes but I took over half an hour, was taking some photos also. It was lovely and mild this evening and the walk was very pleasant. The town of Skibbereen (in Irish called An Sciobairín), is not very large, originally a market town, it’s got quite a bit of history.

I find it fascinating that the by-gone days of this little town can be traced back to medieval times when survivors of the black dead, mainly members of the McCarthy’s clan, to whom most of the land belonged in those days, settled near a hamlet, at the site of the present town, this in the 14th century.
In the 17th century many refugees from the little seaside village of Baltimore (about 12km towards the sea coast) fled to Skibbereen town after Baltimore was sacked by the Algerians.
During 1845-49 Ireland was plagued with a terrible famine. In Skibbereen’s local cemetery there is a mass grave where around 10,000 victims lay buried. This decimated the town and area once again.

The present town is doing fine, though very much affected by the austerity and emigration since 2008. Many young people leaving to find work, and quite a few businesses having to close down. The Farmer’s market is thriving, and there is still a nice, relaxed buzz about the town. A brand new state of the art Art Gallery is about to be opened to the delight of us all. But I could go on and on…. I did enjoy my walk, that is for sure. Here a few pics taken with my mobile phone.




20150112_163444       20150112_163436


    1. Thank you very much. While walking I was devising a plan to cover all the main buildings and interesting and beautiful bits of the town by a photo catalogue – just for the fun of it. 🙂


  1. I’m just so amazed at the way you talk about the 14th century almost like it was yesterday. Because of the great fire in Vancouver back in 1886, there are only a few buildings, a number small enough to be counted, that are older than 128 years. When I hear you talk about the age of the townships where you live, I’m in total awe. It really does remind one that in the family of world countries, Canada is little more than a newborn babe.


    1. Yes that is true David, Ireland is ancient of course, there are many really old ruins. In Canada, the buildings or towns would be much newer, I know almost nothing of Canadian history 😦 it would be interesting to find out though about the ancient settlements of the natives. By the way, apparently one of my grandmother’s cousins or relatives moved to Vancouver back in the days when she was young. I’d love to find out actually where that family are all now, there must be descendants!


  2. That is so cool!! Medieval times!! My little town used to be a mill town and was first settled in 1672. That is considered ancient here in America, lol!


    1. Yes Cynthia, you can sometimes feel the atmosphere when you think about it. I love knowing about the history of a place. Here when I see the marshes around the town, I am always reminded of how it must have been when there was only a small hamlet here, I get the feel of those days 🙂


  3. i love skibereen.I used to holiday in Schull (I’m from France) but I would spend whole days walking around your pretty little town.Very interesting history indeed! glad i found this post 🙂

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