I would like to recommend a book that I have out from the library for a week or two, and in which I have found good information.  It is called ‘Crops in Pots’ and written by Bob Purnell.  I have found this book very useful in the sense that it discusses growing vegetable, herbs, and ornamental plants in a great variety of pots, pans, and anything one could put something in.  It discusses things like;  choosing container, and choosing compost.  Watering, mulching, pests and diseases, and (for me!) most importantly ‘feeding’.  I must admit that I have grown stuff without too much success before in pots, but I have never fed these plants, so for years a plant may be in a container in my garden, and yet I would never give them any feed!  I can’t believe that I never thought of this before, did I think that they would be fed by manna falling out of the heavens?  So this was a real learning curve for me, and as of now I am ‘feeding’ my container plants, and feeding them properly, but the book is not about organic gardening, so I have to adjust the feeding to my own seaweed or comfrey tea food.  So a little more research is warranted.  Anyway the book is real good and full of idea, people can adjust to their organic methods if they wish (yes we wish).  The book is produced by Hamlyn in 2007 by the way.

So I am planning to grow a lot more in containers, even though I have got raised beds, I still think that it is a good idea, especially for plants like herbs, and of course hanging baskets which really catch the sun for wild strawberries, or tomatoes.  I am also planning to put more containers in the front garden which is otherwise not much used to grow stuff in.  And I will make sure that I grow some flowers too.  I have got a large ceramic container which was spit in two but I mended it with wire around it, and in it is full of primroses, they flower early in spring and give a beautiful show of colours.

And most of all right now, I have the little Korean Fir of which I took all the decorations this morning, and which is standing proudly in the conservatory growing it’s cones and what is more, giving little drops of turpentine that smells lovely of pine.  I better feed that one properly or I won’t have a Christmas tree next year!

12 thoughts on “GROWING CROPS IN POTS

  1. I was just thinking today that I would like to try ginger and tumeric in pots. I also want to do a giant passiflora.. the edible kind in a big pot, I was looking at one in a gardening catalogue today. I will check my library for this…thanks! this is a good read for January!

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    1. Cynthia, I am going to do a post on growing just that in the near future, I have grown Turmeric and Ginger before in pots inside, but when I went away to India for extended periods they died 😦 anyway, I am just now sprouting tubers again, my Ginger one is doing ok, the Turmeric is a bit slower but they are both starting to sprout. It is so exciting when they get going. That idea of yours about the Passiflora sounds real good too.


      1. Ginger – easy
        Turmeric – difficult!
        Ginger, by the way can only be harvested after two years – apparently – I never got that far 🙂

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      2. Travelling seems to bring about these problems, I always loose some plants, now-a-days I just give them away altogether before I leave. Hey, did you enjoy Japan?


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