During my walk today I took note of some of the young wild plants that are coming up and looking green and healthy. The day was very mild and there was a light drizzle, called around here ‘Irish Mist’, it’s good for the skin of the face, and it feels lovely and fresh.  While I walk I try to take in what is growing as I am making a record of all the wild plants I can find.  It’s amazing how many we can use as food, interesting too.  I guess that my interest in wild plants started when I was 6 years old, with the Dandelion.  And every year they grow again, a renewal in nature which would even give the most pessimistic person a lift.  And there is always something new to discover or learn.  It makes me very happy.


The Pennyworth plants are all over the Boreen, a lovely bright green.


The beautiful feathery leaves of the young Yarrow plants, that promises a good crop for harvesting later on in the year.


Groundsel has got some little yellow flowers already.


And the Foxglove plant is already well up in time for June flowering.


Plenty of Daisies, they are a great plant to add to salads and full of vitamins and minerals, good for early spring food later on.


    1. We always used Yarrow tea when we had a cold, or fever. It’s supposed to be an anti-inflammatory, also good to help stop internal bleeding, and lots more. I always have some in the house, it grows so easy and everywhere around here. It’s also a beautiful plant and I love the white flowers. I dry some in the summer months.


  1. I’ve been adding daisies to my salads for quite a while now, but I’m going to have to try some Yarrow tea. It sounds much healthier than the teas I’ve been drinking.

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    1. Yes it’s fun trying all these wild herbs and plants. I am sure that you are used to these plants if you use Daisies David, but just check for yourself about the Yarrow, just in case a person is on any medicine I always check the interactions for myself. Enjoy.


  2. I just wanted to check, it is the daisy greens you’re referring to, isn’t it? Or are the flowers also edible? I wouldn’t want to miss out on any parts that I could use.

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    1. It’s the greens but not sure about the flowers. I just checked my herbal course, which maintains that daisy flowers can be eaten. But please do not take my word for it as I am against giving advice like that to others as not a qualified person in herbals or wild foods. Take care.


      1. I shall of course check out the information before I ingest anything that I’m unsure of, but I will have to look into the daisy flower now since it was only the greens that I’ve been using. But the leaves are very tasty. With myself, I always check with my doctor simply because I’m on several medications and I’d like to be aware of any interactions that she may know of. But thanks for the heads-up.

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      2. You are a wise man 🙂 me too I am always careful. Exciting though to learn new things isn’t it.


      3. I seem to recall reading somewhere that lack of movement is one of the primary ways to determine whether or not something is alive, but I like to think that the act of learning new things is an even better way of making that same determination. It is my sincere hope that for as long as I am alive, I will never fail to continue learning new things. If those new things should happen to involve something good to eat, all the better. Lol.


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