Today after a frosty night it became really beautiful and sunny. We went to a village about an hour away from here, and then over the Caha mountains to a little town in the county of Kerry. The views on the way were breath-taking, though I was with family and taking photos had to come second place, I still got some and like to share some of them here.



These berries are still giving a lovely show, and so far they have not been eaten by the birds.

Holly berries are very plentiful this year, and Rosehips are also giving the birds lots of foods. Then there are the Snow berries, and Woodbine berries, Hawthorn berries, and Cotoneaster, there is so much in the hedgerows right now. The birds, here the Blackbird, are having a nice time feasting on all these berries.  This Blackbird comes to feed every single day, a joy to behold.

Then these are the berries of the Guelder Rose, these are native to the woodlands and hedgerows here in Ireland (Thank you Murtagh), some type of bird will eat these too and enjoy them. The black berries I still have not identified but they may be some type of the Prune family, maybe Sloe. It is still very mild for the time of year, that and the large crop of berries will sustain an already quite “fat” bird population around here (I have never seen the Sparrows quite so large as this winter).