Two new exotic plants have been added to my houseplant collection this Christmas, they were gifts. One that I know very well, it is the beautiful red flowering Poinsettia (Euphorbia pulcherrima) which my daughter and her family gave me, and the other is a beautiful white flowering Madagascar Jasmine (Stephanotis floribunda). I am totally happy with both plants. The Poinsettia plants have given me lots of pleasure over the years. People are wont to give you this plant over the Christmas, it is very popular here in Ireland. Over the years, one of my Poinsettia plants, a very small one when bought, lasted for a long time. It was a most beautiful plant, more so than previous ones that I had had. I decided to give it extra attention and it just grew and grew, beautifully symmetrically. Some months later it actually produced the typical red leaves/flowers. It almost felt like a miracle to me. This plant is still with me today, it has produced many more leaves, the symmetry is gone, it has panned out into a wilder model of itself.
I’m very interested in seeing how the Madagascar Jasmine will do, I’ve read up on what it’s needs are, but I never had one. It’s great to have an experiment. In a house where the heating is off during the night, though, it may not last. I’m really curious. Between new plants, and being curious of what the new year is going to bring, I am all excited and motivated, and full of plans for when the weather improves.



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