First thing this Christmas morning I looked outside at the sky, and it was amazing! From horizon to horizon it looked like a giant spider’s web, long bands of clouds with blue sky beyond it. Just amazing! For hours this went on, finally becoming more dense and white. It was a most beautiful show. I am not sure if it were Altocumulus or Stratocumulus clouds, or even a phenomenon called a Mackerel sky, though I am a sky watcher, I don’t know much about the names of clouds, if anyone can put me right, please feel welcome.



Finally after an hour or so, the sky became more like this next photo.  Very impressive.  I wonder if anyone of my followers is able to identify these clouds, it would be most helpful to me.



    1. Hi, I live in the South/West of Ireland, in West Cork. It is very rare to see a sky like this here, but I did some reading up on it online, apparently a sky like this will bring with it stormy weather and last night it became very windy – today it is blustery and wet, and a heavy grey sky all over. 🙂 Where are you living?

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      1. I live in Texas, USA. I grew up in Indiana and moved to Tennessee, now I live in Texas. I have never seen sky look like that before either. I hope the weather doesn’t get too bad for you all! 🙂

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    1. Thank you Mitza, I hope you are having a wonderful time also. The presents that I made have not been opened yet as my grandchildren are only coming next Sunday, so excitement still on hold! I am having this lovely relaxing day today, its great!

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