My garden as seen through the window on this dismal winter’s day!  It’s been raining for days with wind howling around the place.  Not good weather to go and do some work or even to go and assess what has to be done at this time in the garden.

But inside is cosy and warm so no complaints at all.  This is after all typical winter weather around here.  The sun is totally not visible for days on end, a heavy grey sky, dark and wet that is about it.  Birds do venture out in it and the feeders are emptied quite quickly.  I’ve seen more Finches the last few days which is great as their numbers were down from last year.


Old Man’s Beard (Clematis vitalba) or also known as Travellers Joy growing along the roadsides around the country.  This climber is quite beneficial for the birds, they use the seeds as food, but they also use the fluffy appendages to feather their nests when the time comes.  It’s a winter favourite but it is seen by many as an invasive plant.  Apparently it has got some medicinal properties, I guess like most wild plants.  I like to see it around the place.


A typical scene out of the window again, but some days ago when it was wind still.  The smoke from the chimney of a cottage in the distance made a long trail and kept hanging over the valley.  Behind this hill in the photo is the Atlantic Ocean as a matter of fact.


Inside all is cosy and Christmassy.  There is the scent of Cloves, Cinnamon, and Oranges.

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