Today was the Christmas play of my four year old grandson.  It’s a yearly wonderful event.  Organised by the two lovely women who run the playschool.   My grandson is special needs and he did very well indeed.  He was one of the shepherds in the nativity play.  After the play and after some carol singing, all the little children walk around the room with a lighted candle in an orange.  It’s such a lovely sight to behold, it warms the very inside of your heart. ( I took the photo out of focus on purpose because we do not put a child’s photo on the internet.)


3 thoughts on “CHRISTMAS MAGIC

  1. I remember that I was also a shepherd in the nativity play. I like the way the photo looks out of focus. (I also do not put photos of children on my blog). Merry Christmas to you 🙂

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    1. Thank you, yes Christmas is such a special time for the little ones, I like the idea that in this play school there is still emphasis on the real spirit of Christmas, the sharing, and compassion, and love for all people on earth. My grandson is the apple of my eye, he need the extra bit of attention, it was so special again today.


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