During the winter months here in West Cork the colours of the landscape change dramatically, at least I think they do. I took my photos on the Beara peninsula, near the Caha mountain range. In summer these mountains, they are not very high, look fabulously green, but come winter they turn all shades of brown, ranging from sienna, to rusts, to sepia, and even burnt umber. It’s the grasses and the bracken that deck the landscape in such an array of colours. It never seizes to impress me, around every corner on the road there is another palette, it’s fascinating.




13 thoughts on “IRISH WINTER COLOURS

    1. Yes that is exactly it, well spotted. Winter here in West Cork is very often so soft, no snow, very little frost. The reason is the gulfstream coming from Gulf of Mexico touches here on the coast and brings warmth. The climate is a little sub-tropical. It is nice, but I miss the snow which we hardly ever get here.


  1. Beautiful colours – it is so grey these winter days before the solstice we need to be reminded there are wonderful colours out there if we just open our eyes and look.

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    1. Yes you are right. Wishing you a lovely, and peaceful solstice, I am hoping to see the sun go down in Glandore where there are standing stones.


  2. Reblogged this on agoyvaerts and commented:

    This blog goes back to December 2014, but I would like to reblog it, as I am not in Ireland at the moment – yet I like to think back of its beauty even in winter time, and reflect on it.


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