We awoke this morning to a sunny but very frosty winter’s day.  Steam was rising from the horse in the field behind the garden, poor animal – I hope it was all right during the night. Frost had covered everything beautifully in the garden, making lovely patterns on water iced over, and decorating the vegetation in pure white and clear crystals, beautiful! It’s the type of morning one loves to get up and go out and wonder at it all.


DSCF4803   DSCF4805


DSCF4807     DSCF4798

12 thoughts on “OLD MAN WINTER WAS HERE

    1. I know what you are referring to 🙂 after spending months upon months in South India some years ago, I was always really looking forward to the green, cool, and fresh surroundings of Ireland.

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    1. Thank you David. Weather here is very changeable, yesterday, for example, it was so mild that you did not need your coat, and there was a little sunshine, today it is all misty, but the birds are singing 🙂


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