Berries of the Privet

The berries of the Ligustrum vulgare or commonly called Privet.  Yesterday, while the bus we were all driving up to the capital city of Ireland, was having a stop for refreshments, I came across this lovely crop of Privet berries.  I had been taking photos of some around here but the pictures had not been focussed enough, I was lucky this time and only took the photo with my mobile phone.  I’ve always been very fond of the Privet and know it mainly from hedging plants, since my early childhood I have loved the scent of the flowers, and today this scent calls up many a good memory, as a child I was always a keen observer of nature, one of my granddaughters has the exact same interest and is very eager to check out insects, and other aspects of nature, I am glad to see it gives her the same pleasure and excitement, and I now understand better my mother’s reactions when I had snails, spiders and ants in my bedroom.

DSCF9564      DSCF9563

The delicate flowers of the Privet plant.  They are very sought after by bees and other insects.  The hedges are here very favoured by our Sparrows for shelter.  As a hedge the Privet is easy to grow and gives good boundary and is easily cut in shape.  I prefer it to other hedging.  It grows quickly though!


  1. The pictures are wonderful, and those berries look good enough to eat right off the screen. That must be a great phone you’re using. The picture quality matches up with the camera I use, that’s for sure. I’ll read you later.

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