Today we went to a garden centre some way from home, we wanted to get a lovely live tree for Christmas, one that we could keep for years.  In the past I have done this but not been successful at keeping the tree alive, So this year I am going to make a very special effort.  So we found this lovely little tree, it is a Korean Fir (Abies koreana).  The small soft pine cones are bluish before they become brown, and it’s a slow growing tree.  There is a silver sheen to the underside of the needles.  We both fell in love with this little tree and hope to have it for many years.  At Christmas it will be decorated and it will be in the place of honour, and then later we will leave it outside albeit with a cosy garden fleece around it.  The above photo shows one of it’s pine cones, there are a few on it and this will make a lovely natural decoration.



    1. Yes James I feel strongly on this. And as far as Christmas goes, I just love the scent of pines, and keep things simple and natural, some candles, some cones etc…. make it so nice. I’m already very fond of this little tree.

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  1. A very beautiful tree, and a fine addition to any home. I really do love the coloring of the cone pictured, and if I try real hard, I’m pretty sure I can imagine the scent quite well. Enjoy it, and I’ll be keeping my eye open to catch a look at whatever you choose for decorations, though I’m already sure they’ll be perfect. Have a great day.

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