9 thoughts on “THE BEAUTY OF OUR EARTH

      1. I use a little Kodak EasyShare CX6230 , which is basically a point and shoot, with a few extra features, but nothing fancy. My expensive camera equipment was stolen a few years ago, and being on a fixed income these days, I could never afford to replace it. Since my Blog is mainly powered by writing, with photography now relegated to the back-up, everything works out just fine. Thanks for asking though. Read you later.

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      2. I like to use something light and have a Fujifilm Fine pix S8100 – 10 mega pix and 18 optical zoom. Quite simple and no extra lenses. I used to use a compact Canon which was brilliant as I could put it in my pocket, don’t like to walk around with a camera on my neck. 🙂 I should do more writing too, one day I will.


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