9 thoughts on “THE BEAUTY OF OUR EARTH

    1. Very true, it’s as if they show what’s inside, what the earth really has to offer and share with us, so generous.


      1. I use a little Kodak EasyShare CX6230 , which is basically a point and shoot, with a few extra features, but nothing fancy. My expensive camera equipment was stolen a few years ago, and being on a fixed income these days, I could never afford to replace it. Since my Blog is mainly powered by writing, with photography now relegated to the back-up, everything works out just fine. Thanks for asking though. Read you later.

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      2. I like to use something light and have a Fujifilm Fine pix S8100 – 10 mega pix and 18 optical zoom. Quite simple and no extra lenses. I used to use a compact Canon which was brilliant as I could put it in my pocket, don’t like to walk around with a camera on my neck. 🙂 I should do more writing too, one day I will.


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