These berries are still giving a lovely show, and so far they have not been eaten by the birds.

Holly berries are very plentiful this year, and Rosehips are also giving the birds lots of foods. Then there are the Snow berries, and Woodbine berries, Hawthorn berries, and Cotoneaster, there is so much in the hedgerows right now. The birds, here the Blackbird, are having a nice time feasting on all these berries.  This Blackbird comes to feed every single day, a joy to behold.

Then these are the berries of the Guelder Rose, these are native to the woodlands and hedgerows here in Ireland (Thank you Murtagh), some type of bird will eat these too and enjoy them. The black berries I still have not identified but they may be some type of the Prune family, maybe Sloe. It is still very mild for the time of year, that and the large crop of berries will sustain an already quite “fat” bird population around here (I have never seen the Sparrows quite so large as this winter).

8 thoughts on “WINTER BERRIES

  1. We also have some red berries for the birds, the birds usually do not eat the berries until the end of winter. I love your photos, they look so festive 🙂 Judy

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    1. Thank you Judy, so glad you enjoy the photos. Isn’t red and green always a winner, and plentiful in nature!


  2. Lovely photos. The red berries at the end are Guelder rose, a great plant and native of our hedgerows. The last photo could be sloes – are they on a thorny shrub? We’ve lots of sloes this year but few haws though the birds are making the most of what is there:)

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    1. Oh thank you for that info. I will add that name to the photo so I won’t forget. The last photo with the black berries is problematic as I did not think it was Sloe as it had no thorns, but I am working on it, when I go to that area again I will make better photos of that plant altogether and maybe check at the local garden centre. These black berries are the size of a small to medium Olive, the leaves of the plant were long and large, the twigs, as it was a tall bush, were smooth. Thanks again for your kind help.

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  3. You are a very observant lady, and a fine photographer. Don’t forget the release forms for the birds that you are currently making quite famous, or you are liable to have their agents pecking away at your front door in very short order. Lol. I love all the bushes you have highlighted, and since we here in Vancouver are also having a nice bright, sunny day, perhaps I will take a stroll, and see if I can find anything similar with which to compare them. Thanks again, for the photos, and the inspiration.

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    1. That’s absolutely wonderful, enjoy your walk and the beauty, and many thanks for your generous and humorous comment! I await your results.


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