The finished product – every minute I spent making this present I so much enjoyed, now waiting for Christmas and I know one little girl that is going to be very happy!

Today I found a second doll’s bed in a local charity shop and bought it for all of €6 which is extremely cheap, and this one has got a canopy. This is going to be another great project to, when it is all finished and nicely fitted out with matras, pillow, sheets etc… will be another Christmas present for yet another two year old grand child. I am excited about it, the more so as the mum of the child was planning to get her a doll, so it all fits together. It does not look much now but it will when I’m finished with it – fun!

So today I went shopping for some material, some lace binding, and some other bits and pieces, also a tin of white paint as I will paint the grey away.  I took off all the stuff that was on the cot and washed the blanket, quilt and canopy material, using this later as a model for the new one.  I choose a pink and white check as it is fresh and yet delicate, this for the sides of the cot and for the canopy.  I already cut the material for the matrass, so all going according to plan.  Last night I made out a detailed plan of how I was going to tackle this project, an enjoyable activity in itself.  I will update as I go along.

DSCF4312     DSCF4309

A few days ago I painted the dull grey away and now it’s a lovely white.  The matrass and pillow are finished too, only some stitching to be done but that can wait.  And today I made the canopy.

DSCF4344    DSCF4448

Next it was the canopy to make, and yesterday I finished that.

DSCF4462   DSCF4467

Today I finished making the side padded panels for the cradle, and I put it all together just to have a look, but finishing touches have to be done yet, like putting ribbons on the side panels to attach them to the cradle etc.  It is starting to look good.  Now I am going to hunt for some white material to make the sheets.



    1. That’s true Cynthia, what I am trying to do is recycle toys but make them up so that they have a bit of my own energy and they look really nice for the child. I did one recently for my own grandchild, and this one will be for the grandchild of my partner, both 2yr olds, love them both so much. The fun I had with the other doll’s cot was just so good. Can’t wait to see their faces.


  1. How lovely you made all this! I go to charity and thrift shops quite often and love to finde something nice very cheap and I like to sew a lot, too. So we have something in common. Have a lovely day, regards Mitza

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    1. Yes Mitza, I picked this dolls cradle up for €6 which is very cheap, then set out to plan the refurbishing, absolutely loved the idea of making something new out of something old, and then using it as a present, like you I believe we need to try to reuse stuff as the earth has got enough stuff on it as it is 🙂

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      1. Yes, you are completely right. That’s why I buy a lot of second-hand clothes, too. It’s cheap, very individual and still good enough to wear. I just paint a little picture for an old frame I bought for a Euro on a fleamarket. 🙂

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  2. hey sis, that’s really nice! It might be a good idea to check the size of the doll the mother of this little girl is getting her! The bed looks big enough though. This is really a great idea, all in the spirit of renewing instead of buying new stuff all the time (‘consuminderen’). Save the planet! And make someone happy and have fun at the same time…

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    1. Yes thanks sis, I have communicated with the mum, it’s Ian’s daughter-in-law, so we are all set. I did another one for Jasmin too. It’s been very fulfilling.
      Talk soon.


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