Last year my partner and I brought an old boat from Aalsmeer near Amsterdam in Holland to Mol in North Belgium. It took us several weeks and it was a most enjoyable time. There was a lot of wildlife to be seen along the banks of the canals, and beautiful sunsets, also lovely scenic views of the countryside, and interesting villages to visit along the way. Holland is very beautiful in it’s own way and it is a great way to see this from the waterways. Once over the border into Belgium the canals are more lined with trees, all sort of species, very lush, throwing lovely shadows. The amount of bird life amazed me, and we found it very entertaining. It was an amazing experience and for me a first introduction to life on boats.

DSCF6161 DSCF6064

DSCF6862 DSCF6814DSCF6813DSCF6806DSCF5633DSCF5974Water Fowl 5DSCF5963DSCF5966DSCF6121


    1. Yes and a Swan sitting on eggs! It’s amazing the amount of wildlife you find along the canal banks in Holland, I did not expect to find such a variety, it was lovely.

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