The ruin of Tullagh church in Baltimore, Ireland.  Quite interesting.  First church built on this site is said to go as far back as 1302, the present ruin was built in 1721 and in use until 1818.  There are some very old graves in the surrounding graveyard.  This ruin is lying right at the coast where the Illen river flows into the Atlantic ocean.  Many wild plants grow in this graveyard, the grass is lush and very green.  Back in time the little town of Baltimore was sacked by the Algerians arriving by sea, this took place on June 20, 1631 .  Many people were taken captive and sold into slavery in the middle East.  Most of the remaining people moved up river and settled in two small town lands which eventually became the town of Skibbereen.   Today Baltimore is a small village very popular for any boating activity, and a ferry to Sherkin island leaves from there.  It is a great place in nice summer evening for meeting people or enjoying a drink.  Off the coast there are whale watching explorations these days.

DSCF3685       DSCF3688



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