The evening is drawing in right now, and heavy rain has started, so I thought it a good idea to light a cosy fire and relax a little before cooking dinner.  It’s been a day of sun and rain here in West Cork, warmer than is normal for middle of October I guess, but then some autumns are like that here, the real cold weather only starting after Christmas.  But dampness is the biggest problem during the autumn/winter months (and sometimes the spring and summer months as well)!  On the off chance I got a real bargain today, for €7.99 I bought an amazing 438pps book on the Wildflowers of Cork City and County written by Tony O’Mahony, seems very well researched and full of lovely photographs and maps too.  It covers all the native and introduced wild plants of the several forests around here and the coastline plants, and even the wild flowers of the city of Cork.  Very interesting, can’t put it down.

DSCF4017         DSCF4010

Our front garden is becoming beautiful with the colours of the fall.  No gardening done in the past week, mainly due to minding grandchildren twice, and the weather,  but I collected some wild growing Camomile flowers on the Beara peninsula the other day which was a great find.  Plenty of large pumpkins for sale in the supermarkets now for Halloween coming up.

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