Here where I live in the South West of Ireland,  we seldom get to experience a thunderstorm.  I have lived here for many years now, and always used to miss the almost daily thunder storms we used to get over Antwerp during the summer,  when I was young.  But that seems to be changing here, and over the last two days we had at least 24 hours of thunder and lightning on and off, some flashes were so brilliant, and the thunder claps rumbling on for minutes, it was amazing!  As a result very many people have been without electricity all day.  But around here the sun was shining again today.  I had a look at possible damage in my garden as the rain had been very heavy, but there was none, all is well and the Kale that I planted out the other day is doing good.

DSCF3832 DSCF3821

Fall garden produce, and an empty garden seat under the Hawthorn tree, which is what this weather brings….. more inside activities, cooking up warming broths and dealing with drying herbs and seeds, enjoyable activities for sure.

DSCF3827 DSCF3817

The seeds of the Nasturtium, not sure what I will do with them yet.  And this little insect on the growing Coriander seeds, I had not seen it when I took the photo.  The seeds are nearly ready to harvest.  I love cooking with Coriander, it’s a lovely pungent spice which makes any dish more interesting and tasty.


My Hydrangeas are still doing good and add a little interest in a garden that is preparing for winter.  I did sow some autumn leaves the other day, hoping that they will provide us with some fresh greens for the table during the coming months.


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