Today I have tried out a recipe for Hawthorn berry honey which I learnt in my herbal course in Herb Mentor (by LearningHerbs)  So here is what I did:  I took the berries which I had harvested from the Hawthorn tree in the garden, and I smashed them a little, so that the juice could mix with the honey.  A waft of lovely rather heavy wooden scent came floating towards me while I was doing that.  It’s so simple to make, you put the berries into a clean jar and cover it with honey, making sure that it is mixed well.  Important –  Don’t crush the seeds inside the berries.  Strain after 24 hours or so, and use a little.  It is supposed to be good for the heart it says, but I am not taking responsibility for people’s individual decisions of use while on medicines or while ill.  Always consult a doctor before using such strong herbal concoctions.

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