This is just a little Chestnut that was found today by my four year old special grandson.  The tree was grown by his mum when she was young, it is huge now but it does not give us many Chestnuts.  This year only one or two little ones came falling down, and Ruben found one.  Ruben is very fond of working with me in the garden and he is a great inspiration and help.  He was born with Down Syndrome and he is such a clever boy.  Any work (or play – of course) with soil, water, wood or tools is what he loves and enjoys.  After he and I sowed some green manure today, he helped me do the watering.  He is so much part of my gardening project, and when his mum collected him this evening, he took home one of the cucumbers and some of the tomatoes for his tea, very proud he was, and well deserved.

DSCF3188    DSCF3177

The Chestnut in his little hand, he has planted that in a pot now, we will be waiting to see it grow.

And here he’s watering the Beetroot.


A bed ready for the winter months, green manure has been sown and been watered, and we will see what comes from it.  During the winter it will fix nitrogen into the soil, so improving it.  In spring it will be dug under.


The first ever Sweet Pea I have grown, it is late in the year but I sowed them much too late, nice to still see them flower before the winter.


    1. Yes, thank you. I’m not sure if you know but my grandson has DS, he is the most wonderful child and it is such a blessing to have him in our lives.


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