Some late summer flowers are bringing some delicate colour to the garden.

garden sept. 2014 (23)

Today I was not planning to do any work, but I got carried away after finishing my second book on composting this morning.  So got the compost bin empty and took the good compost out, returning the less composted stuff back in and added some activators (comfrey leaves) cardboard, and some lime, and aerated it as I feel my compost is slightly too wet.

DSCF2869   DSCF7235

Bees, well bumblebees, are still around.                        Flowers of the Blackberry some time ago


Reflections in a rain drop.


The doves have returned to our garden, they are looking for food it seems, visiting the feeding area.  We now have 6 pairs, but goodness knows where they are during the summer.

2 thoughts on “SUNDAY – DAY OF LEISURE

  1. They only very occasionally visit here in the summer, but during the winter they are here all morning to feed, then on and off all day. Mystery. 🙂


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