What an amazing day it was, so beautiful, mellow sun rays eventually filtered through the lazy late summer leafs in the garden. I collected some more produce, some for adding to the deepfreeze, and some for using now and in the week to come. While doing this I discovered two exciting things, one a creature – or three, and the other some well hidden little Cyclamen. I was delighted, the creatures were caterpillars that I found on the tomato plants. I took many pictures, beautiful creatures, I’ve always been interested in them, and in what they become. All right they ate into some of the tomatoes.


DSCF2808  DSCF2816

DSCF2796  DSCF2806

DSCF2815  DSCF2798

Caterpillar Art!

DSCF2797  DSCF2810

So, yes, magnificent creatures, one wonders what they will become but I have set them free again so I won’t find out unless perhaps I google it later.

And some of the produce today as we are coming to the end of the growing season for the moment.

DSCF2768  DSCF2769

It’s all about harvesting at the moment, and about collecting seeds before there comes too much rain.

DSCF2793 DSCF2785

Poppy seeds, and the seeds of the Hypericum, though it is not the perforated one which I would be able to use to make the oil that has medicinal properties..


And of course saving seeds from the produce we like, so that next spring they can be used.


And finally the Hidden Jewels


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