The Speckled Wood (Pararge Aegeria) Butterfly was once again flying around in the garden and was not on it’s own, I saw another two of the same species, they were interested in the half rotted Blackberries that were lying on the table outside.

Late summer blooms are making a lovely blue show.  You have always seen Hydrangeas in the gardens here in West Cork, but of late they are also being planted along the roads, especially outside towns.  It is so easy to grow these plants from just a little slip, and I’ve grown them before, but only white ones, the blue one I bought.  They don’t do so well in a container, they much prefer the garden.  Their colours can vary from deep reds to deep blues and purples.


The berries are on the Hawthorn tree, it’s mainly going to be food for the birds, but I firmly believe in the medicinal qualities of the Hawthorn tree.  I collect leaves and young buds in spring time to use as a tea. It is good for the heart, one cup a day.


  DSCF2740     DSCF2764

This Hawthorn tree came to grow here in the garden some years ago, I discovered it as a young sapling growing near my very old Lilac tree that had grown too old to be kept in this small garden, so I decided to get it cut down and to let the Hawthorn tree grow there instead.  I gave the wood of the Lilac tree to my brother who used it for wood carving, he made me a lovely delicate feather from the wood, which I treasure.

DSCF2754         DSCF2761

Today I harvested some Celery seeds, just before the rain started at midday, I picked all I could find with seed heads in the Celery plot.  I had to hand release all the little seeds by flicking the branches one by one, a bit of a meditative job.  Finally I got a plateful of the tiny little seeds, they can be used during the winter months for cooking..  I thought that the left over branches also made a very decorative sight.




  1. I’ve been perusing your archives and find myself fascinated with your wonderful photography. The butterfly is magnificent, and I like the shot of the berries on your Hawthorne tree. Gathering those seeds certainly did look time-consuming, but right up my alley as it is the type of thing I can do while I’m lost in my imagination (coming up with writing ideas). Thank-you for a pleasant visit.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you for your most kind comment David, it’s so nice to know that you enjoy my blog and photos. Nature gives so much abundance and photo opportunity. I’ve a lot to learn about photography, and especially about taking ‘people’ photos which I also enjoy looking at, but a bit shy about taking them 🙂


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