Today I did not even go into my garden, it has been raining cats and dogs all day, but it did not deter my daughter, my two oldest grandchildren, their au-pair and myself to go and enjoy the Ewe Experience in Glengarriff. We left here in the morning, an hours driving got us there, it was still raining when we arrived but after a while it eased off. This Ewe Experience is a garden created by some very talented and imaginative people who have created a space where every bend or every few steps along the trail will fascinate the visitor with sculptures, and beautiful nature.  Use it made of natural wood, stone and recycled materials among others. The whole experience is also an education in sustainability and responsible living on out earth. It is an interactive sculpture garden.  My grandchildren loved it, we as adults also did, I found it very meditatively. For this reason I thought that today I would like to share some photos of this garden rather than my own.


Ferns in this magical and beautiful garden.


A spider-like creatures made of branches.


Toadstool in the damp forest.


A dinosaur which really grabbed the attention of Alice, my 5 year old grand daughter.


Some of the plants growing in this garden, and in Glengarriff are sub-tropical, magnificent, and they even looked better today because by the time I took most of the pictures the rain had stopped and everything looked so fresh and green.

The website of this garden is:

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